Bulk Mailing

Are you looking to send out your items in bulk or are you running a subscription business, where your customer receives items on a regular basis? Choice Fulfilment offer a bulk mailing service that is perfect for one off sending or sending subscription products to your customers. Using bulk mailing can help get your business more sales and we have years of experience with working with subscription companies, including those selling calendars, gin or coffee. We can send out your promotional materials for you on top of offering other services that can help to boost your sales. All items can be sent directly to us by your supplier and our staff can custom built the boxes for you and dispatch them to your customer. We can even provide our own packaging, such as envelopes and boxes based on your personal preferences. If you’re living in Plymouth, we can even collect your mail free of charge.

Contact information

Devonport Branch Office

Choice Fulfilment Services LTD
78 Chapel Street

Product Order Fulfilment and Book Distrubition since 2013

We are an order fulfilment company for subscription companies. Choice Fulfilment offers Order Fulfilment for start-ups and small businesses. We can fulfil all your product fulfilment needs. We offer storage, pick, pack & dispatch for online sellers. No monthly fee, No long-term contract, No min order QTY, 100% easy to understand pricing. We can also receive stock direct from your supplier or handle returns from your customer. Whether it's monthly Subscriptions, daily or weekly orders we can fulfil your orders.
In our order fulfilment process the typical products we carry out order fulfilment for are clothes, electronics, Jewellery, Gadgets, Toys, Beauty, Books, Magazines, food, drinks, footwear and much more.

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