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Oct 21, 2022 | News

Our mission as an eco fulfilment company based in the UK is to reduce our waste footprint and ensure a healthier planet for all. Choice Fulfilment Services UK are consistently sent supplies or outer boxes containing a lot of packaging! What do we do with this?

To minimalise our waste as much as possible, we recycle every last bit we can. We separate plastic, cardboard and metals and precisely annalyse what we can use to package future orders and what we must throw away. What happens once we throw excess items away?

We work closely with Devon Contract Waste to ensure that all of our thrown-out packaging and plastic get transformed into something amazing. Devon Contract Waste is an organisation that specialises in converting recyclables. Our discarded packaging gets sent out on a journey to be reconstructed into something entirely new; DCW is even able to create furniture out of rejected waste! We believe it is crucial that recyclable remains are given a new life. In addition to this, we also donate to the Soil Association, by doing this we are funding a safer future. We believe in giving back to farmers and the community and protecting the nature of our planet; the soil association works to reduce pesticides, reverse climate change and protecting trees. These are all major values within our company.

How are we packaging our items?

We are incredibly cautious and aware when it comes to impact plastic packaging has on the climate. To mediate this issue within fulfilment services, we have taken a different approach… Our company exclusively buys in eco-friendly packaging and consistently recycle from previous orders. For our orders, we only use cardboard, paper and in the rare occasion we do use plastic, it is biodegradable and economically safe. We care massively about our planet and prioritise safe packaging to secure a minor carbon footprint. We are constantly finding new ways to be innovative and recycle. All of our excess labels are routinely recycled and we only plan on developing this method even further onto other pieces of packaging.

But how does this benefit you?

By choosing to work with an eco conscious fulfilment company, you are choosing a safer future. All of our customers minimalise their carbon footprint and get to indulge in the wonders of an environmentally safe fulfilment company in the uk. In addition to this, it is also a lot cheaper! As we often recycle our packaging, we do not charge customers for this, therefore, you get to spend more on the things that really matter to your business. Clients choose us due to our eco-consciousness and awareness.

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