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On top of handling the product fulfilment side of your business, we also offer the option of doing your customer services for you. We can handle any messages or questions from your customers regarding their orders and product information your selling platforms. This will get things done quicker by cutting out the middle man, making it easier to make any last minute changes or adjustments to your orders, such as variation, quantity or colour of your item and potentially re-adjusting the quantities on your selling platform if required.


Customer Satisfaction


of businesses see a productivity improvement by outsourcing their customer service

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced at dealing with your emails promptly. They can help with customer care, handling phone calls and emails, product information, technical support amd order fulfilment. We train our staff to be comfortable with your products and services. Since all your customers will have their queries answered promptly and efficiently, customer satisfaction is bound to increase. If you need to outsource email customer service, trust Choice Fulfilment.

We won’t contact you unless we need your advice or approval on the matter, trying to make you online selling experience as seamless as possible.

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e-commerce Order Fulfilment and Book Distrubition since 2013

We are an order fulfilment 3PL company for e-Commerce and subscription companies. Choice Fulfilment offers Order Fulfilment for start-ups and small businesses. We can fulfil all your order fulfilment needs. We offer storage, pick, pack & dispatch for online sellers. No monthly fee, No long-term contract, No min order QTY, 100% easy to understand pricing. We can also receive stock direct from your supplier or handle returns from your customer. Whether it's monthly Subscriptions, daily or weekly orders we can fulfil your orders.
In our order fulfilment process the typical products we carry out order fulfilment for are clothes, electronics, Jewellery, Gadgets, Toys, Beauty, Books, Magazines, food, drinks, footwear and much more.

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