Store, Pick, Pack & Dispatch Service

This is the perfect solution for any online seller who cannot dedicate 100% of their time packaging up and posting their orders which is often the most time consuming part of selling online. As a fulfilment company we make sure that we have a scalable warehouse solution so we can deal with whatever you throw at us.

This means you can store your products with us and when an order comes in we can pick, pack and dispatch it from our fulfilment location in Devon. We find this is perfect for people who have a full time job but want to earn extra money or for people who are busy expanding their business and need full concentration on the bigger picture and less on the smaller things.

We can download your orders from a CSV Feed, Excel document or email confirmations with the relevant information in, such as product name, SKU and address. For more information, visit our Pick, Pack & Dispatch page.

Store, pick, pack and dispatch Plymouth, Devon.
Multi-Channel eCommerce fulfilment Plymouth, Devon.

Multi-Channel eCommerce Fulfilment

With our technical know-how and in-depth knowledge of multi-channel eCommerce plus our contact lists. We can sign your business up to all of the top online marketplaces and fully integrate all of your stock to be sold on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and many more.

Plus you don’t even need a website for this! All that you will need is a bit of basic information about your products to get started and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have multiple products that you want to list, we have software that will perform a bulk upload saving hours of your time. If you have order fulfilment with us too, we will pick, pack and dispatch your orders as soon as they arrive. Choice Fulfilment is also capable of providing eBay shop layouts and can run sales on your marketplaces.

Mail Boxes

Simplify your life with a personal virtual address solution from our partners, Mail2Send. With up to 2 mailing names you get a private, secure address for all your mail and never have to miss a delivery again. Whether you currently share a mailbox, live abroad or travel around frequently, we can help you out. You can even prepay up to 5 years for discounts.

If you would like a separate mailbox for work or home or you just want exclusive access to a mailing address, our partners Mail2Send can offer you a personal secure mailbox. Once you have rented a mailbox, you can collect your mail when you want it. Simply visit the counter at Mail2Send and a staff member will deliver your mail to you.

Two forms of identification are required for each person for whom mail is to be received, held or forwarded with our mailbox service. You can find more information about the forms of ID we accept here. For collections of mail, proof of identity will be required. Visit Mail2Send for more information on the mailbox rental service and prices.

Mailbox rental Plymouth, Devon.
Bulk mailing Plymouth, Devon.

Bulk Mailing

If you know you are going to send a lot of mail at once, bulk mailing can be perfect as Choice Fulfilment can give you great discounts particularly if you are sending thousands of one item. We can cope with various mail sizes including magazines and newsletters. Our relationships with Royal Mail and other couriers mean you get a great deal on bulk mail. Using bulk mailing can help get your business more sales. We can send out your promotional materials for you and we offer discounts based on quantity and the sending location. If you’re living in Plymouth, we can even collect your mail free of charge. We collect every weekday from Monday to Friday. Our mail is delivered to Royal Mail the same day and the majority of our mail arrives the next day.

Contact Us

Contact us at Choice Fulfilment for all your fulfilment service needs. We offer storage, pick, pack & dispatch for online sellers and we can cater for small and large businesses. If you need return handling, stock checking, worldwide delivery or direct mailing, we can cater for you too.
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