Dermatuff fulfilment in Plymouth, Devon.Dermatuff provide simple, wearable, inexpensive and flexible protective clothing for those vulnerable to abnormal risks as a result of their age, physical or medical condition and occupational or leisure activities. Without the low cost delivery and warehousing services that Choice Fulfilment offer, Dermatuff could not have easily upscaled their delivery to serve customers worldwide or been able to handle the demand, especially during busy times like Christmas.

Choice Fulfilment also deal with all returns for Dermatuff. This involves receiving the products back at our facility and observing whether the product can be resold before passing the information back to Dermatuff management. Working together with the Dermatuff team on customer service has led to many positive experiences and reviews which have led to repeat custom.

Initially they wanted to help the elderly who with advancing years are at increasing risk of serious injury and loss of confidence particularly from a fragile and weak skin disorder. Later they will introduce products for those taking part in risky work or pleasure activities.

Dermatuff was created and is now managed by Peter Thornton and Nick Pitts, two business people with long term experience in innovating, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling a wide range of products.

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